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Homepage: Couple running on winter beach: stockbroker / 123RF Stock Photo

Profile: Bea Arnold, portrait: Infopix, David Ormerod

Profile: Bea Arnold, portrait, everdance coaching: Infopix, David Ormerod

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Services (Angebot): Class doing stretching exercises: auremar / 123RF Stock Photo

Services (Angebot): Young group getting fit: 123RF Stock Photo

Mobility (Beweglichkeit): Woman doing fitness exercise: 123RF Stock Photo

Physical fitness (Sportmotorische Beweglichkeit): Aerobics: wavebreakmediamicro / 123RF Stock Photo

Mental fitness (Geistige Beweglichkeit): Woman leaping in the sky: 123RF Stock Photo

Quality of Life (Lebensqualität): On top of the World: Infopix, David Ormerod

Nordic Walking: People walking in Autumn: satori / 123RF Stock Photo

Nutritional Advice (Ernährungsberatung) Couple at breakfast: ruigsantos / 123RF Stock Photo

Pelvic Floor Training (Beckenbodentraining): Hands making heart on tummy: ruigsantos / 123RF Stock Photo

Posture (Haltung): People striking various poses: 123RF Stock Photo

Pilates: Young woman doinf stretching exercise: tonobalaguer / 123RF Stock Photo

Everdance: Group training in Baar: Infopix, David Ormerod

Everdance: Bea Arnold, Baar 2013: Infopix, David Ormerod

Back Training: (Rückengymnastik): Back training session: Infopix, David Ormerod

Aqua Aerobics: (Aqua-Gymnastik): Man relaxing in Pool: stylephotographs / 123RF Stock Photo

Massage: Massage of a female back: poznyakov / 123RF Stock Photo